G5 Games’ new point & click adventure game “Pilot Brothers 2” is just like its predecessor “Pilot Brothers” where the titular Pilot Brothers have to interact with various objects to solve chapters of puzzles while navigating through the world and graphics of a Russian cartoon. The difference between the second is the plot, which now has the duo looking for their pet cat Arsenic before it’s turned into French fries.

The gameplay is a typical point & click adventure (or for a mobile game, tap and… tap some more) where the Pilot Brothers must solve a puzzle to proceed through the chapter and plot. Each brother interacts with items differently, so the challenge is finding out what to grab, where to place it, and who should manipulate it. Since this is a Russian cartony world, it takes a lot of imagination, creativity, and improvising to solve each puzzle within the confines of the game’s logic.

Or just use the hints and/or video guide included with the game.

“Pilot Brothers 2” can be frustrating given its cartoony logic and occasionally sensitive touch screen control issues that may send the Brothers in the wrong place or interacting with the air next to the object I want them to grab. But when you do solve the puzzles, you’re rewarded with a funny and well-animated story that gets exciting as you close in on the cat bandit. And there is some fun satisfaction in being able to solve the puzzles yourself using childish imagination.

Or Vodka. Lots and lots of Vodka.

Pilot Brothers 2 is currently available on iPhone or iPad.