Masters of Mystery: Crime of Fashion manages to put the hidden object game genre into a believable context: Forensic evidence. Instead of searching for random items as instructed by the game story’s moon logic, you’re still searching for random items as instructed by the game’s context of searching for evidence to solve a baffling murder of a fashion designer that will unravel into a hunt for a serial killer.

G5 Games is letting you take on the role of Carrie Chase in Masters of Mystery: Crime of Fashion for free from now until May 13th. Available for the iPhone, iPad, Android, Nook, and Kindle Fire, Masters of Mystery: Crime of Fashion features 25 locations within 3 chapters to locate 500 objects. As a forensic investigator, you have access to four tools to help you find evidence as you learn more about the murders and eventually solve the case.

So dust for prints, keep a sharp eye for anything that may be evidence, and get cracking on Masters of Mystery: Crime of Fashion while it’s free. And be sure to check out G5 Games for the new mobile games that they release weekly.


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