The Danish gambling market has never looked so good, and one particular reason for this has proven to be more people getting interested in sports betting. A lot of the money made by gaming in the country comes from sports betting, which itself is being done through online casinos.

The latest quarterly report on revenue figures for the Danish gambling market showed that sports betting revenues increased 9% year-over-year; rising to DKK 577 million between July and September. The interesting thing is that stakes are actually going down somewhat, but bookmakers such as Tivoli Casino are still managing to generate massive profits.

The online casino market itself also exploded. It grew by around 20% reaching revenues of DKK456 million, which is around $73 million. The gaming market as a whole, including online and live betting, grew to around DKK1.5 billion ($240 million), for an increase of 9.3% over the previous year. This doesn’t mean it’s all well and good in the Danish gaming market though. There are some areas where online poker is still struggling. Online poker revenues, unlike everything else, have actually fallen and are yet to recover.

Mobile Gaming is on the Rise
The main thing to take away from all of this is the growth of mobile gaming. Operators and industry leaders have constantly said that the mobile market is their main area of growth, and this is evident in Denmark. Just over half of all the revenue and money being bet is coming through mobile devices in the country.

Another sign of a strengthened online casino market is the fact that participation in land-based casinos is actually dropping. Only around a third of all revenue from the industry came from land-based betting. The rest came from regular online casino gambling.

An interesting statistic is that just over half of all sports bets are done through a land-based bookmaker, despite the fact that they account for less overall stakes than the online casino market.

Things Could Change Following European Commission Decision
The gaming industry of Denmark might be a small part of the overall global gambling market, but it is still an important and influential one because of strong regulations. This high standard of regulations makes the country an interesting case study of how the decision to stop focusing on gambling infringement cases will affect the online gambling markets of the European Union.

These infringement cases are brought by online casinos as operators challenge the strict regulations and say that they are not compliant with overall EU regulations and laws. These cases are an important method of preventing unregulated sites based outside of the EU from accessing local markets.

Some feel that the decision to leave laws and regulations to member states is a bad idea and that it works against preventing unregulated gambling services from accessing the EU. Exactly what the change means and what it can do remains to be seen. For now though, there’s no doubt that the Danish gambling industry has never looked healthier.