I got hooked on this little game, Greatfruit Grove, where you have to build your own orchard in a gloomy place. The idea is to plant as many different types of trees as possible, and in order to get them you need to combine seeds from the trees you already own. So I have decided, based on my play time so far, to start a Greatfruit Grove tree combinations guide and make things easier for you in case you want a specific tree.

So, without further ado, here is the (currently incomplete) list of Greatfruit Grove tree combinations:

Applecot: Scorchberrry + Bulba
Manilow: Scorchberry + Manilow (or get it for 5 Bulba seeds in the market)
Bulba: Bulba + Boygo (Or get it for 5 Boygo in the market)
Bulba: Bulba + Manilow
Scorchberry: Scorchberry + Applecot
Scorchberry: Plantelope + Applecot
Scorchberry: Scorchberry + Plantelope
Boygo: Manilow + Boygo
Boygo: Boygo + Scorchberry
Plantelope: Boygo + Bulbat
Plantelope: Boygo + Plantelope
Halleberry: Plantelope + Bulba
Screwberry: Cuble + Boygo

And this is it so far! If you have details on the other Greatfruit Grove combinations, please let us know in the comment section below as we do our best to update this guide and fill it with all the possible combinations!

UPDATE: I have also posted a Greatfruit Grove guide in case you need some extra help with the game!


  1. I also noticed that there’s a bit of random factor involved and sometimes some combinations will give you something else. Which is not a good approach, I think, because makes things even more complicated…

  2. I can confirm as of today that the Pento tree comes from combining a Red seed + Blue seed….at the third time I got my tree :)


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