I never played the original Youda Survivor, a mission-based time management mobile game published by G5 Games. So when I was parachuted into an island courtesy of a review copy and charged with the task of surviving and crafting a bunch of stuff in Youda Survivor 2, I had to question myself if I was the right man for the job.

Or if I wanted to use a different set of starting capabilities, the right woman for the job.

For Youda Survivor 2, the path to assisting the natives involves tending to various wildlife, harvesting their foodstuffs, turning their foodstuffs into various potions or products through facilities, and fighting pirates who want to wreck things up. It feels like playing a goal-oriented version of Farmville without bugging people to become neighbors. Gameplay is simple screen tapping as expected from a mobile game and works at getting things done for each mission. Tap to dig holes, gather goods, attack pirates, and craft items. The story somewhat ties all of the missions together about saving a tribe of natives from an evil presence.

The challenge of this time management game is getting the timing of things right. Challenging levels will clutter the screen with all sorts of enemies and item-producing wildlife. You’ll need to make sure your timing is good so that items you need for your objective don’t get eaten and you need enough health and healing potions to fend off pirates, who grind most production to a halt. Bad timing and mismanagement of your health will result in a loss of bonuses or failing the level. The challenge does ramp up in later levels as you have plenty of powers to try out and items to craft, but require plenty of ingredients to activate them.

With over 100 progressive levels that are easy to drop in and drop out of from a mobile device, Youda Survivor 2 is pretty fun during those few minutes waiting for something like coffee or a date to show up. But you will notice how repetitive the game gets if you play it for long periods of time. But if you are spending that much time on a mobile game, you might want to consider managing your time better to do more productive things… like getting a cup of coffee or paying attention to your date.

As a grand release sale today, Youda Survivor 2 is $2 cheaper at $2.99 for iPhone and $4.99 for iPad (regularly $4.99/$6.99).