If you have ever dreamed about taking part in one of the most iconic battles from the Star Wars trilogy, the battle for Hoth, LucasArts will make your dream come true when they release a new Star Wars Galaxies Chapter, Battle for Echo Base. However, it is still unknown when this 11th chapter in the saga will be released.

If you’re a fan of the series, you definitely know that in SWV the Rebels must defend their base on planet Hoth when the Empire strikes to capture the leaders of the insurgency. That’s the battle you’ll be able to be part of now thanks to the Battle for Echo Base. The nice thing is that you can take either side you prefer so I guess that everybody will be happy.

The even better news about this chapter is that it introduces vehicular combat, so now up to eight players can hop into vehicles and charge in the Rebel snowspeeder or Imperial AT-ST, for example. The fight for both sides begins on the icy North Field, where the battle between the forces of good and evil are joined, and continues all the way to Evacuation Point, the site of the Alliance’s desperate, harrowing escape from the menacing Imperial ground assault.

Although this news about Star Wars Galaxies: Battle for Echo Base is one of the best we’ve heard in recent times, the announcement of The Old Republic from Bioware and LucasArts will certainly change the way things are with SW Galaxies. But, as long as new quality content is being added, we should not worry, right?