If you’re one of the fans of the recently side-scroller MMO La Tale, you should be excited to hear that new content is already being introduced in the game: new zones and a “LaDeck System”. Having in mind that the game was launched just two months ago, we can only hope that the developers will keep up the good work and continue bringing new content even after their game becomes more popular.

Back to the new content, it’s worth noting that now we have four new areas to explore: Ves, a new city inspired by Indian culture and architecture, Orca Beach and the Jungle who bring new challenges and dangers and lastly the Ruin of Ktuka – a very dangerous place with great rewards ready for the most brave warriors of the brave.

The other new addition is the LaDeck system, a kind of lottery ticket which can be purchased in-game and offers players the chance to mark a square on a 20×20 grid and win a prize that ranges from potions to exclusive and ultra-rare items. Thank you, but I’ll stick to the new areas in La Tale now.