myhj-walkthroughToday’s free flash game of the day award went to Mystery House in Japan, a fascinating escape the room flash game. For those who find it difficult to find the solution of the game and want to know how to beat Mystery House in Japan, I have prepared a step by step walkthrough for the game. So read on the Mystery House in Japan walkthrough and get ready for some fun!

1. Go one screen to the left and click on the long shadow to the left (you have to click on the lower side of it). Click again on the right corner and pick up the match.
2. Go back and one screen to the right, then click on the match and on the candle to the right. Spooky light!
3. Go one screen to the right and click on the lower left corner of the dresser (click on the wall, so that you can look behind the dresser). There is a stick between the dresser and the wall. Click to take it.
4. Go back and click on the dresser. Click on the right side of it, on the wall and pick up the scissors.
5. Go two screens to the left and open the left door. Pick up the rabbit and click on its left arm to turn it around. Note the symbol on the head. Without closing the screen, click on the scissors and on the middle of the rabbit’s body to cut it open. Click on the cut twice to pick up the key. Close the view.
6. Open the right door and pick up the arm thing. Double click the stick, then the arm thing and use it with the top of the stick. Close the view.
7. Click on the stick with an arm and click on the upper left door. Pick up the red ball.
8. Go left twice and click on the dresser. Click on the key and use it with the lock. Click on the red ball and use it with the red piece of paper – it disappears. Click on the left drawer and take the wooden handle.
9. Open the drawer to the left and click on the box. Now you will have to set the symbols as shown in the image with this article, the one in the upper left corner (click on it to enlarge). You will have to press the first button (the one to the left) 5 times, the next one twice, the next one nine times and the last one four times.
10. Go back and right two screens. Click on the box then click it again to open it. Pick up the blue ball.
11. Go back and left once, then use the blue ball with the blue piece of paper. Open the doors and pick up the sword. Click on the wooden handle and use it with the sword.
12. Go one screen to the right and click the papyrus (or whatever is that thing with Japanese writing on it). Click on the lower right corner and pick up the necklace.
13. Go back and right once. Click on the sword and then on the monster’s face. Click the room twice and you’re out!

This was the step by step Mystery House in Japan walkthrough. If something is not clear, please feel free to ask here and I will do my best to guide you.