mystery-housI am a huge fan of escape the room games and if you are too, that’s exactly what you’re going to get: a really high quality escape the room game, Mystery House in Japan. Developed by Bianco Bianco, the devs of another past game of the day, Escape from Dr. Ichie’s Factory. Today’s Mystery House in Japan is a short escape the room game and quite easy, but nevertheless fun to play.

It is quite difficult to revolutionize the genre or even innovate it, but at least Bianco Bianco tries: you have to turn on the lights before being able to actually start playing, and that is a nice addition, even though not a real challenge.

The entire game is not very difficult: there are four parts of the room that can be explored, there’s quite some pixel hunting involved, the classic and rather difficult puzzle and some more searching in a 100% Japanese setting… and you’re done. This particular game is not a real jewel – it seems much like any other Bianco Bianco games, but that also means that it has some real quality.

Add to that some neat visuals and a kind of spooky ending, and you’ll have some reasons to play today’s free flash game of the day, Mystery House in Japan. Oh, and remember to check back soon for a full walkthrough of the game!

UPDATE: As promised, I have posted the Mystery House in Japan walkthrough!