stackleToday’s free flash game of the day tests your skills: your building skills and maybe your patience and precision, since it’s a “build the tower” type of game. I’m talking about Stackle, a puzzler from NatekGames, a game that kept me playing and playing and playing and it will do the same to you, so be warned!

The concept is simple: you have to build a tower as high as possible by using and re-using the same bricks over and over again. The higher you go with your tower, the more points you get (obviously), and you can also use special sets for double points. And although it seems to be awfully easy and boring, trust me – it is not! Stackle is an awesome game, highly addictive and highly recommended, with some extra options that will certainly make you come back.

The most important of these options is the “Showcase”, where the best towers you have built are shown and therefore with more reasons for you to come back and try to beat your own records. Also, you can “compete” against other Stackle players and submit your score and see who has the best skills when it comes to building incredible towers.

So if you think it’s easy, please give the game a try. It completely deserves your time and a 10 for quality!