star-beaconsI am that kind of person that typically hates rip offs from start, and that’s exactly what Star Beacons seems to be at first: a genuine copy of Peggle, PopCap’s hit game that’s certainly being played right now by thousands of people in the world. But then I thought that in today’s world it’s difficult to make something original and quality should top originality at least – and Star Beacons does a great job with that.

That’s why a game that initially went straight to my blacklist becomes today’s free flash game of the day. How come? Well… I played it and simply couldn’t stop until the end. If that’s not enough of a reason to consider a puzzler/Peggle clone worthy of such an award, nothing is!

Of course, there’s not too much to say about this flash game, especially if you played Peggle at least once: it’s the same concept and even some of the levels seem similar with something played in Peggle. The goal is to clear all the stars before you run out of balls, and you have many obstacles making your quest difficult. Physics pays an important role in Star Beacons, just as much as luck and in the end it’s that person who keeps on going who finishes this nicely done puzzler.

The physics themselves are not always great, the ball tends to go in places she shouldn’t every now and then and there are no power-ups or shiny features, but in the end Star Beacons is just a flash game and you can’t ask from it the exact same things you get in Peggle. Still, this game is fun enough to keep you busy, it has a fair number of puzzles and it is free to play. So go ahead and do it!