Play This: Gravitex 2

Play This: Gravitex 2

gravitex2Today’s free flash game of the day is an awesome physics based puzzle title that can be played over at the Kongregate portal. With 100 levels, all of them really challenging and smart, Gravitex 2 is a must play for everybody who wishes for a mindbending experience!

As I said, Gravitex 2 comes with 100 puzzle levels in which you have to collect as many green coins as possible (ideally – all of them) by taking advantage of the environment and avoiding damaging your orb. Although initially everything seems fair and easy, you will soon realize that the power of your shot and the angle have to be perfectly even, otherwise you will fail.

Of course, unless you are a great mathematician or physician you will have to go through the trial and error type of gameplay quite often, but it will never get frustrating, on the contrary: you still have to think about each shot you make since simply shooting at random doesn’t make it!

Another nice thing about Gravitex 2 is that it allows you to play other levels even if you don’t manage to clear one to the last coin: you need three coins to unlock a single level, or smaller amounts to unlock “rows” of levels, which takes away some of the possible frustration caused by a coin that simply refuses to come to you.

On the bad and boring side we have the lack of bouncing platforms and such, but this really doesn’t manage to take away from the entertaining challenge of Gravitex 2: a must play physics based puzzle game!