project-d-walkthroughProject D is a really short but nicely done detective adventure story, with some quite scary elements. Although it’s a really easy flash game, Project D might be challenging for those in a hurry. Therefore, I have decided to create a quick step by step Project D walkthrough, containing the first code as well as the second, plus instructions on how to finish the game in five minutes (or even less!). Read on the Project D walkthrough:

1. Click on the table with a lamp on it. Click on the middle paragraph on the right page. The code is the one formed by the gray letters. Click on the box and type the first code (roomonethirteen) and click on enter code.
2. Go back to lobby and get a room (room 116). Go upstairs and enter your room. Notice a piece of paper in somewhere on the floor. Click on it, then click on back. Click on the question mark and exit the room.
3. Go down and right. Click on the painting, then click on the piece of paper on the counter. Then click on the black thing to the right, and get the key to room 113.
4. Go back upstairs and enter the room. The light switch is somewhere in the upper right corner. Click it (and get scared).
5. Click on the white thing to the left of the bed. It’s a pack of Lucky Strike, D’s favorite cigarettes. Go back and click on the laptop. What could the second code be? Luckystrike, of course! Type it and click on enter code. Read the message and go back.
6. Click on the black sofa in front of the bed, then click the suitcase and the can of gas. Go back and to the cellar.
7. Click on the door twice to kick in, then click on the face and on use items. Quickly press the “escape” button. Watch the ending!

This was the Project D walkthrough – a very simple, yet fun game. I hope we’ll have a new one soon.