nba2k10I am a huge basketball fan and also, since last year, a fan of 2K’s NBA simulation franchise. However, I got a bit scared hearing that NBA 2K10, the console version, has some framerate issues that managed to turn a horde of fans into some really angry gamers.

Apparently, the problem with NBA 2K10 is generated by some really strange events, like (as quoted on the official boards): “Coming out of timeouts/quarter with stadiums with spotlights (often calling another timeout clears this up), when loading a game autosaved before a shootaround/drill and then trying to play a game, playing the first game of the second round of the playoffs in career mode, user team makes NBA finals in career mode”. Pretty strange, huh?

Fortunately for the owners of the console version, it appears that the NBA 2K10 framerate issues have been dealt with (or at least most of performance issues have been solved), but this still leaves the future PC owners of the game a bit worried. It would be a major drawback to hear that the PC version of NBA 2K10 too has framerate issues – but in that case I hope that 2K Sports is ready with a patch/update that will be made available on release date.

Because my fingers are simply itching to play the highly anticipated title!