New Additions in the Unigamesity!

New Additions in the Unigamesity!

uni-changesI’ve spent the entire day today tweaking the Unigamesity and adding some extra goodies to make your visits here as pleasant as possible. As you probably saw on the Home Page we now have a cool “Featured content” tab where you will find the latest and best features in the Unigamesity.

Also, starting tomorrow, you will notice that the related posts will be back in business suggesting further reading based on the content you’ve just read. Unlike the previous “Related posts”, these new ones will be manually selected by myself, so they will indeed reflect other great content you’ll simply love to read.

Also, all the regular features are posted in the sidebar to the right (Game of the day, Free games etc) and soon I’ll be adding there the Daily Escape feature too as well as a link to the latest casual game releases.

Also, starting this week, the Unigamesity will be more feature-oriented instead of focused on delivering the latest news. The truth is that since there is just one person working here (me), the news usually arrive quite late, so there’s no real point in delivering them, right? Instead, I will focus on delivering some high quality content, mostly from the free-to-play and flash game world. So you’d better prepare to receive truly unique content here in the Unigamesity!

So if you were waiting for a solid reason to subscribe to the Unigamesity feed (click here to subscribe!), this is probably the best time. You won’t be disappointed!

Speaking of which, I have two questions for you:

1. What new features/improvements/changes would you like to see here in the Unigamesity?

2. On a scale from 1 to 10, how annoying are the text link ads for you?