It all started a bit over 9 years ago. I was a diehard gamer, eating and breathing computer and video games. I had no idea about blogging and how difficult it is to not only launch a blog but also make it profitable and survive in a super-saturated market. Trust me, it’s difficult if you’re an indie published like I am and you have no connections – and especially no money to make it happen.

But hard work always pays. And fortunately, 9 years since its launch, Unigamesity is still standing and I love it. Anybody can make it happen, even though the market is even more saturated than it was back in the days – and still dominated by some gigantic corporations and websites that take most of the traffic. But indie publishers with a voice can still make it!

I looked back at the way Unigamesity looked like all those years ago – and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it didn’t look bad at all. Check it out below:

Good looking website for 2008, right? The logo is really nice and I still love it. It was created for free by a friend who was just learning how to use photoshop. She did a great job, for sure!

Looking back in time, we can find out that it all started with a game’s review. Endless Ocean, if anybody remembers that Wii game. I gave it a 3 out of 5. I still remember playing it today and I can’t really remember why it got such a low grade.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter because in these 9 years since launching Unigamesity, I’ve learned a lot. Written a lot. Met a ton of amazing people and built a gaming community that keeps coming back, even though real life has gotten into the way and I didn’t have just as much time for publishing new articles and playing games (especially the latter).

Since this blog was started, it has seen many changes – of pace, of focus, of growth… We were here when the insane Facebook gaming revolution started and we were here when it ended. Remember FarmVille, CityVille, SimCity Social, FrontierVille and so on? I sure do because I wrote hundreds of articles on them.

We were here when the mobile gaming craze took over and when innovative (at the time) puzzle games were launched. The logo guessing games, photo guessing games and everything else… we were here to cover them and it was a great deal of fun.

Over these 9 years, we have published 8,371 articles and 2,311 are mine. This means that we have published, on average, 930 articles per year or 2.5 per day. Pretty awesome, right?

We also have over 7,000 comments and many, many more were deleted during upgrades and database losses (same goes for the articles, but the losses were not as big). Funnily enough, we’ve had over 1.1 MILLION spam comments. Yes, people are still spam-commenting on websites today, just as much as they did back in 2008.

In terms of visitors, we only started tracking them in May 2009, several months after launching. The numbers are indeed impressive: our articles have been read almost 18.5 million times. That’s about 2,200 views for each article published on the website, on average. Not to shabby!

Hopefully things will keep looking good in the future. It’s getting more and more complicated to keep a website alive in today’s age where revenue from advertising and any other means are lower and lower, where adblockers are being used more and more, where brand new (and sometimes amazing) blogs make the competition tougher… but we’ll keep fighting. I’ll keep fighting to keep this website alive and hopefully I’ll be hear again in 5 years, 10 years and maybe more to tell you about this site’s beginnings and its impressive growth.

Thank you so much for being part of the journey and for helping Unigamesity become the amazing website it did. Thanks for reading and hopefully you’ll always find many reasons to come back and read our content some more! Without you, none of these matter!