Assault Rifles in Black Ops 2 are definitely underused in Black Ops 2 because they are not as powerful as other weapons in the game, but Unigamesity will show you with our detailed guide how to get The Best Assault Rifle Class In Call Of Duty Black Ops 2!

Lets start of with obviously the gun – with this Class Setup we will be using the  M27 (Note: You should use the gun you like not what big youtubers on your friends say to use, the gun choice is yours but in this guide we will be using the M27). This gun has been used a lot by me after the recent patch because they buffed it and made it so much better for the players to use.

For the Attachments, we will be using the Quickdraw Attachment, this is very vital for Assault Rifles because it makes you ADS faster (Aim Down Sights) this Attachment can help you a lot since you will have an advantage in the gunfights you encounter.

For the Second Attachment, we will be using the Extended Mags, basically this gives you more ammo capacity to hold which can help you a lot when in gunfights because you will be able to shoot more bullets than the person who doesn’t have Extended Mags and results to you not having to reload much.

Perk 1 in this class setup will be Lightweight, this Perk lets you sprint faster and if you have this perk on you will take no fall damage. Lightweight can be really helpful when you are trying to get to your enemies first.

Perk 2 in this class setup will be Toughness. Toughness is great when trying to win gunfights since it reduces your flinch while you’re getting shot by the enemy.

For Perk 3 we will be using Dexterity and Extreme Condition (Use Perk 3 greed as well to get 2 Perks on Perk 3). Dexterity gives you the ability to ADS faster after sprint and lets you mantle onto things much faster which is useful when trying to get away from a sticky situation. Extreme Conditioning is used so you can sprint for a longer duration of time which can help you get to the enemies faster!

For the Lethal we will be using the C4 – This is one of the best Lethals because of the blast radius on it.

For the Tactical we will be using Concussion, this is amazing for slowing down your enemies so you have an advantage when you throw it at them.

I hope this guide helped you get your Assault Rifle Class the best it can be and have a wonderful time in Black Ops 2!