Shotguns in Black Ops 2 are extremely powerful and they are definitely some used guns and the question I get asked frequently is what is my Shotgun class since I do so good with it. Well, Unigamesity will show you the best Shotgun Class In Black Ops 2 so you can improve your game!

The gun we are using in this class will be the R870 MCS, this Shotgun is very powerful to use. It is in fact the best Shotgun in the game as well but of course this selection is your choice because not everyone likes the R870. This class will work on any Shotgun so pick your best but this is the gun we are using for our class.

For Attachment 1 we will be using Long Barrel, this is probably the most important Attachment for the Shotgun since it makes the range better which is always good for a Shotgun!

For the second Attachment we will be using The Laser Sight, this is like the perk steady aim in MW3 except they made it an Attachment in Black Ops 2. For the Shotgun, this attachment is very useful since most people don’t aim down when shooting with the Shotgun.

Perk 1 in this class will be Lightweight, this is very good with the Shotgun for example if there is someone that isn’t in range you will be able to sprint to them quicker and get in range before they kill you.

Perk 2 in this class will be Scavenger, while using Scavenger you will be able to take ammo for your weapon and for your Lethal if you have any.

For the third Perk we will be using Dexterity and Extreme Conditioning (Use Perk 3 Greed to get three perks) these 2 perks are amazing for the Shotgun since Dexterity lets you ADS (Aim down sights) faster after sprinting and lets you mantle onto objects quicker.  Extreme Conditioning lets you sprint for a longer time which is very good since you can get to an enemy quicker.

For Lethal we will be using the C4, this Lethal is extremely deadly since the blast radius is so good.

For Tactical we will be using the Concussion, this is a really nice Tactical since it slows down your enemies ADS and in game bodies for a few seconds.

This is the end of our guide, we have more out and coming out for Call Of Duty Black Ops 2!