Another surprise update from Zynga for FarmVille, this time introducing to the game the Tuscan Wedding event, a new feature and celebration that will reward the most active farmers! If you want to find out everything about this newly released feature, read on and prepare to be rewarded!

What is the FarmVille Tuscan Wedding Celebration?

A new event similar to the previous Easter Basket event, in which you need to collect ingredients which can further be traded for Favor, which can be used to redeem different Tuscan Wedding items that will make your farm more beautiful.

“Nonna needs help throwing her granddaughter an amazing wedding! If you can find her ingredients, your favor will increase, which you can use to get all new Tuscan items! Find the ingredients from gifts, or around the farm.”

What does this mean? Well, unlike the previous events, now having friends is no longer vital for getting the Favor (although they would help the most). However, while working on your farm you can find different ingredients which will be automatically added to the wedding tent in FarmVille and, if a collection is complete, you can exchange it for Favor. You need 4 of each of the following ingredient to collect the favor: Olives (found while harvesting Olive trees), Truffles (from pigs), Goat milk (from goats), Eggs from chickens. Once traded in, it will give you 5 favor.

If you don’t have all the items (like Olive trees), you should not panic! Your neighbors can send you each of the above-mentioned ingredients as gifts, so you’ll eventually get quite a few of each item. However, it appears that different ingredients are locked – in my case Olives will be unlocked in 2 days, Goat Milk in 4, Eggs in 6, and I can only gift Truffles:

So what to do to get more FarmVille wedding ingredients?

Either let your neighbors know which ingredients you need and make them send you the gifts, be active and harvest tons of the indicated items or purchase packs of them from the market for 5 FV cash!

Once you receive 5 of any single ingredient, you’ll have the option to post a feed to your wall. The first ten neighbors to click this feed will receive a one of the same ingredient for their own Tuscan Wedding.

Clicking ‘Progress’ in the Wedding Tent menu will show how much favor you have in comparison to your friends. Whenever you pass a neighbor on this comparison chart, you have the opportunity to post a feed about your accomplishment that will also give your friends another chance to collect 1 random ingredient. 10 Neighbors will be able to collect one free Spring Egg when clicking on the feed within 24 hours.

VERY IMPORTANT: Adding ingredients does NOT count towards your Progress rate, but fills up the Favor section (click the tab to see it). You actually need to have 4 of EACH item in order to trade them in and notice any changes in the Progress section!

What can you get by redeeming Favor for items?

10 Favor: Wedding Cake
20 Favor: FarmVille David Pig
35 Favor: FarmVille Apollo Butterflies
50 Favor: FarmVille Tuscany Fountain
75 Favor: FarmVille Spaghetti Sheep
100 Favor: FarmVille Tuscany Pisa

We’ll make sure to update the information once we have it about the FarmVille Tuscan Wedding Event. Please feel free to share your thoughts on the update and help us fill up the missing data! Also, feel free to share this article with all your Facebook friends using the buttons below, to help everybody get started with the FarmVille wedding event!



  1. I should have enough olives to float a battleship, it keeps saying I can trade but nothing is lit up and I can’t trade. It is a lot of fun the things you think up and this is the first time I have been stumped twice. That precious mustang is more elusive than the stallion.I’m still having fun though. Thank you a bunch

    • Problem: Wedding scale not giving me any favors.. I have as follows
      Eggs 51/4
      Milk 48/4
      Truffles 17/4

      1. What’s the problem?
      2. Where can I email to inform them?
      Thanks a whole bale of hay!

    • When you look inside your wedding tent have you clicked on where it says favor at the top? That should take you to where you need to be to turn in what you need to get your favor , but you do need 4 of each, the truffles , eggs, olives and the milk

    • You need at least 4 of each ingredient to be able to trade…So you can have 5 ga-zillion truffles but if you only have 2 eggs, you can’t trade….

    • Have the same problem. I’ve collected tons of ingredients; it comes up that I can trade them but when I click on trade them it states that I don’t have any ingredients. Why is this????

  2. Okay now I’m back, another mustang showed up, you wanted my email again so I went along with that, 12 spaces for names showed up but there were no names. I went ahead ans clicked on all 12.I am not tyying to be difficult I just want to know what is going wrong. All this just can’t be my fault. Thanks again.

  3. Yolanda is right–I have something like 14 Truffles and cannot trade them in for favors like I should be able to. What is going on with that?

    • For you as well as everyone else who doesnt get this, you need 4 of EACH item before you can trade in. which means 4 olives, 4 eggs, 4 truffles, and 4 milks. not just 4 of 1 thing

  4. As explained in the article, you can’t trade in a single ingredient for favor, you need to have 4 of EACH item in order to be able to get the favor points.

    That’s why you should all use the gift links posted in the related stories section and start sending all types of items to your friends!

  5. how can I find the site that was posted yesterday about getting a convenient package for the tuscan wedding…. (all the liks in one convenient place)

  6. Those who are having a hard time with your trades for favours on FV, you have to have 4 of each item to collect.

    The wild mustang thing works not always but it worked for me once and I have a mustang now on my farm. Let your friends know that you choose to send emails too so they are aware and will then help you.

    Hope that helps.

  7. I’ve harvested 30 chickens and then I looked into my Wedding Tent and I only had 6 eggs!
    The same thing happened with Goat Milk, Olives and Truffels.

    I have over 40 chickens, 25 olive trees, 50 pigs an 40 goats on my farm but I have only 20 favor yet because this stupid game doesn’t work

  8. Shouldn’t you get an item for each animal/tree you harvest? I have 20 olive trees, but when harvested I only received about 4 olives. The same with the animals, whats up?

    • It’s the same as harvesting perfect bouquets. You don’t get the olives for each tree you harvest.

  9. i havent gotten a tuscan wedding tent and i dont have the option to buy one i dont understand do i need to be a cartain level or something i have tons of olives and truffles and milk and cant do anything with them

    • same with me here, omly difference i dont hve tons of those items, that isn’t a problem though i can get them anytime i wish(I have a lot of helpful friends) but hw do i get the tent. plz help

  10. It would appear that only certain varieties of pigs give truffles & only certain types of goats provide the goat milk for this particular event. I’m not sure whether it’s the boer goat or the saanens goat that seems to be the only one providing the proper goat milk, but the party pigs and the black pigs are not producing truffles – only the regular pink pigs seem to be awarding truffles. Anyone else noticing the same?

  11. Yes Carla, I have noticed that the party pig’s do not provide truffles for the wedding an that not all my goats and other pigs to either. I also notice that whenever a friend shares their favor I almost always get olives as a gift (from clicking on the tent from a friends give away) I have lots and lots of olives, and very little goat milk.

  12. I’ve noticed that when it comes to collecting, truffles, milk, etc. I can only collect them only on the first pig, goat, or whatever that I harvest. If I don’t harvest them all at once I can collect another one if I wait for a long enough interval (haven’t figured out yet if it takes and entire day or a shorter time period. I’m trying to stagger my harvest on my olive trees so I can collect them every day.

  13. I don’t have a tent AT ALL. It’s not in with my gifts and I can’t see it in the market anywhere.
    Can someone please help me to find it? I have loads of gifts that I just can’t accept because I need the Wedding Tent for it!

  14. hw to get the tuscan wedding tent….plz let me kwn…i have loads of tuscan gift items …but cannot use it as i dont have the tent….plz tell me how to get a tuscan wedding tent?????

  15. I have chickens, but harvesting them never gives me eggs for my wedding tent. How do you get eggs? I have tons of olive, milk and truffles…


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