Another surprise update from Zynga for FarmVille, this time introducing to the game the Tuscan Wedding event, a new feature and celebration that will reward the most active farmers! If you want to find out everything about this newly released feature, read on and prepare to be rewarded!

What is the FarmVille Tuscan Wedding Celebration?

A new event similar to the previous Easter Basket event, in which you need to collect ingredients which can further be traded for Favor, which can be used to redeem different Tuscan Wedding items that will make your farm more beautiful.

“Nonna needs help throwing her granddaughter an amazing wedding! If you can find her ingredients, your favor will increase, which you can use to get all new Tuscan items! Find the ingredients from gifts, or around the farm.”

What does this mean? Well, unlike the previous events, now having friends is no longer vital for getting the Favor (although they would help the most). However, while working on your farm you can find different ingredients which will be automatically added to the wedding tent in FarmVille and, if a collection is complete, you can exchange it for Favor. You need 4 of each of the following ingredient to collect the favor: Olives (found while harvesting Olive trees), Truffles (from pigs), Goat milk (from goats), Eggs from chickens. Once traded in, it will give you 5 favor.

If you don’t have all the items (like Olive trees), you should not panic! Your neighbors can send you each of the above-mentioned ingredients as gifts, so you’ll eventually get quite a few of each item. However, it appears that different ingredients are locked – in my case Olives will be unlocked in 2 days, Goat Milk in 4, Eggs in 6, and I can only gift Truffles:

So what to do to get more FarmVille wedding ingredients?

Either let your neighbors know which ingredients you need and make them send you the gifts, be active and harvest tons of the indicated items or purchase packs of them from the market for 5 FV cash!

Once you receive 5 of any single ingredient, you’ll have the option to post a feed to your wall. The first ten neighbors to click this feed will receive a one of the same ingredient for their own Tuscan Wedding.

Clicking ‘Progress’ in the Wedding Tent menu will show how much favor you have in comparison to your friends. Whenever you pass a neighbor on this comparison chart, you have the opportunity to post a feed about your accomplishment that will also give your friends another chance to collect 1 random ingredient. 10 Neighbors will be able to collect one free Spring Egg when clicking on the feed within 24 hours.

VERY IMPORTANT: Adding ingredients does NOT count towards your Progress rate, but fills up the Favor section (click the tab to see it). You actually need to have 4 of EACH item in order to trade them in and notice any changes in the Progress section!

What can you get by redeeming Favor for items?

10 Favor: Wedding Cake
20 Favor: FarmVille David Pig
35 Favor: FarmVille Apollo Butterflies
50 Favor: FarmVille Tuscany Fountain
75 Favor: FarmVille Spaghetti Sheep
100 Favor: FarmVille Tuscany Pisa

We’ll make sure to update the information once we have it about the FarmVille Tuscan Wedding Event. Please feel free to share your thoughts on the update and help us fill up the missing data! Also, feel free to share this article with all your Facebook friends using the buttons below, to help everybody get started with the FarmVille wedding event!