In the previous post I’ve explained everything about the Tuscan Wedding Event in FarmVille and I am sure that now there’s one thing you’d absolutely love to have: the links to each gift you can send to redeem for favor! Fortunately, I have the links for you and they are working even for those gifts that are not yet unlocked in the gifts page. In other words – a true gem!

All you have to do in order to send any of the Tuscan Wedding Event gifts is to click the links below. Have fun!

FarmVille Olives Gift Link
FarmVille Goat Milk Gift Link
FarmVille Eggs Gift Link
FarmVille Truffles Gift Link

Don’t forget to share these links with all your friends, otherwise they won’t be able to send you all the great gifts and help you redeem all the prizes!

Which prizes have you redeemed already thanks to these Tuscan Wedding Links?


  1. All the links have been changed and they simply flash and go to a tab link now, so all of the links on this are now dead.

    • The links will work on the days that farmville has the gift available to send. Zynga closed the loophole.


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