Hotel City is a cute and addictive social game that seems quite easy to play, but it’s actually difficult to master. And either way, some tips and tricks can never do wrong, so I’ve decided to create a set and share them with you in order to help you going in the game. So read on Unigamesity’s Hotel City tips and tricks and have fun playing the game!

1. Add as many rooms as possible – for starters, you need people to sleep in the rooms and earn you money, so the more you have, the better is for your starting business – only when you have a solid stream of income you can start thinking about decorating the rooms and replacing the regular ones with bigger suites.

2. Try to never use the 48-hour shift since it’s really expensive and it doesn’t turn in too much of a profit. Instead, try using the 24 hour shift and log in daily for the best profit (however, if you have time, lower shifts can generate greater profits)

3. Keep an eye on your rooms and make sure you click to clean the dust balls whenever they appear – otherwise you’ll have to pay coins if the rooms get to dirty. Also, make sure you have a running maid’s room to help clean the room while you’re away!

4. Build the special rooms as soon as they’re available (restaurants, gyms etc) and, once you have enough money, start decorating your rooms as you see fit in order to increase their (and in return your hotel’s) ratings.

How to make more money in Hotel City?

1. Visit your neighbors daily. Every time you visit a neighbor you receive some coins and you can get extra ones if you see the maid’s jar in her room (and click it). Also, visiting a newly added neighbor gives you 1,000 coins.

2. Click on the guests who are sleeping in your rooms – sometimes they will give you 420 coins in return (and sometimes even star rating!).

3. Keep an eye on the game tab and fix any problems that occur randomly (such as broken pipes, fires etc).

4. Invest to increase your hotel’s rating – better rooms give you more coins!