Zynga introduced a new interesting feature in Cafe World, the Coffee Machine. It expands quite a lot the social element of the game, also bringing in some challenge to old and new players. Because the way to unlock your Cafe World Coffee Machine is unique. But more on that, plus everything you need to know about this new feature, is below.

So what is the Coffee Machine?

This new feature allows you to get some extra Cafe Points, Cafe Coins or increase your Buzz ratings after you’ve built it. Simply keep an eye on your customers and when you see the icon that they’re thinking about coffee, simply click on them and select to serve them. It’s really easy and fun!

How to build your Coffee Machine?

This is the fun and interesting part – once you place the box anywhere within your cafe, you need the help of five new neighbors to help you open the lid of the crate. Yes, this means 5 NEW people who have to be added as friends! If it seems a bit too much, feel free to use Unigamesity’s article on how to add more Cafe World neighbors and you’ll solve your problem easily.

Now, once the Coffee Machine is ready, you will be able to click on the customers for cafe points, but Zynga promises that even more goodies will be added into play to expand this new feature, so keep your eyes on the game and Unigamesity for the details!