cafeworld-moreneighbors!IMPORTANT! Before going to get new neighbors or request new neighbors, make sure to check out the number 1 Cafe World guide (click the link to get the guide) that will help you get the most of the game without all the trouble you are forced to go through nowadays!

If you love Cafe World – or have just started playing, you certainly know that having lots of neighbors is extremely useful and fun. But how can one get more neighbors in Cafe World if their friends are not playing the game? Fortunately, I have come up with a solution to your problems and created this post to add more Cafe World neighbors without spamming!

But first, let’s see why would you like to have more neighbors in Cafe World and what are the benefits. Probably the most important benefit in the long run is that having more neighbors will allow you to expand your cafe without spending real money. Next, you get a daily bonus based on the number of friends you have – and the more neighbors there are, the higher the bonus. Also, if your neighbors are really active and altruist, you will also receive from them free gifts including free dishes to serve in your cafe – just imagine that if 10 neighbors would send you the same dish, you could have as much as 600 portions without doing anything!

So yes, there are a lot of benefits to having more neighbors in Cafe World and that’s what you should start doing now. In order to get more friends, simply post a comment below with a link to your Facebook account (log in to Facebook, click on your name and copy that link) and see the offers rolling in!

And when you get enough Cafe World neighbors, simply come back here and post a message using the same name asking me to remove the link to your profile and it will be done. So it couldn’t be any easier! Have fun!