super-sliders-cafeworldI am a bit late on this one, but there are still more than 24 hours to celebrate with Zynga and Cafe World and enjoy their new gift, the Super Sliders! This is a very-limited event (lasting 48 hours only) that Zynga kicked off to celebrate one million fans of Cafe World.

Here’s the official announcement from the developers regarding the introduction of the Super Sliders miniburgers: “Hiya chefs, we just slathered on the special sauce on the “Super Sliders.” You should now be seeing many more delicious Cafe Points as you cook your sliders. Happy cooking!”

The Super Slider burgers cost 15 coins and are ready in 5 minutes. There are 25 servings available and, at 4 coins per serving, they earn you a total on 100 coins. Not bad for these little burgers! (As a note, the regular burgers that are also ready in five minutes, only earn you 52 coins and less experience!)

So… is there a limit on how many Super Sliders you can have? No, it solely depends on your free time – you need to keep an eye on your cafe otherwise these burgers will become trash quite fast. So just head over to your Cafe World account and give them a try! It’s fast and easy money with the Super Sliders!

And if you’d like to improve your Cafe World strategy for a cost, you can visit this site and order the complete strategy guide that will help you earn a lot of coins and grow a great cafe.