premium-white-eggsAs I was saying in my previous article, it’s going to be another great weekend for the FarmVille fans. Now we can add to our farms a new great “building with purpose”, the Chicken Coop, which can further lead us to discovering Mystery Eggs (or Premium eggs) and ultimately lead to Colored Chicken. If you wonder how to get all these, read on to find out!

Let’s start with the beginning! The first thing you will need to access all the great content is the building with a purpose – the Chicken Coop. How do you get it? Simple – you either ask your friends to send you one for free or you buy one for 5,000 coins from the marketplace. Note that you can only have one Chicken Coop in your farm (and if your friends send you more, they will be automatically turned into chickens – pretty smart!).

Now, after purchasing the Chicken Coop you probably wonder how to get a mystery egg or premium egg. Simply place your chickens in the Chicken Coop (by clicking the chickens, selecting “Move” and dragging them over the Chicken Coop) and wait for them to become harvest-able. When you can collect the eggs from them (after one day), you can randomly get the message that you had found a premium egg. These mystery eggs are of four different colors (White, Brown, Black or Golden) and you have to share the finding on your wall, allowing five of your friends to get the egg.

And this answers to the question “How to get colored chicken in your FarmVille farm?” After you pick up from your friends walls’ a colored premium egg, you will receive various items, including differently colored chickens. Note that all these are random, so don’t get scared if you don’t manage to get any colored chicken to your farm too soon! But I wish you good luck and I hope you will!

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  1. Two Chicken Coop Cheat

    1. Open two tabs. One to your Farmville farm and the other tab to your Facebook home page.
    2. If you already have a Chicken Coop, remove your Chickens.
    3. Sell your existing Chicken Coop.
    4. Visit the Farmville Market- and you should now see Chicken Coop as unlocked. Do NOT buy yet. Leave this tab open.
    5. Now switch to your Facebook tab and search your newsfeed for any available Mystery Eggs. Once you find a Mystery Egg, open it in a new tab. DO NOT click OK yet.
    6. Return to Farmville Market and now purchase a Chicken Coop for $5,000 coins.
    7. Place just purchased Chicken Coop on your farm.
    8. Click “Play” to reload your farm. You should see your chicken coop that you just placed and you should also have another Chicken Coop in your Gift Box.
    9. Place Chicken Coop from Giftbox on your farm.

    You should now have 2 Chicken Coops!

  2. me too, When I try to place it on the ground a message comes up that my game is “out of sync” and needs to refresh. When it refreshes the 2nd coop is back in gifts.
    i m desperate , it s impossible!

  3. and I thought I was the only one with this problem, they must have fixed the glitch so you can’t place them on your farm….I am so disappointed after all the effort :((

  4. Where can we write to complain en mass to FV to get more chicken coops?
    If enough players complain then they will, hopefully, have a hard time ignoring us!

  5. I did the procedure to get a second chicken coop. I have one on the ground and another in gifts. When I try to place it on the ground a message comes up that my game is “out of sync” and needs to refresh. When it refreshes the 2nd coop is back in gifts.
    Any suggestions?

  6. I can’t place my chickens in the my chicken coop and see them. When I put them inside the disappear inside. How do I get them to sit on the nests in the windows?


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