dairy-farms01Howdy, farmers! Today we have the clear proof that Zynga is indeed planning to expand FarmVille and not only try to take all our money. Starting today, a series of buildings will be introduced in FarmVille: the “buildings with purpose”. The first such building is the Dairy Farm. So… what is the Dairy Farm and how to get it?

It’s pretty simple: the Dairy Farm will hold 20 cows in and it will allow you to harvest them all at once. You don’t have to waste that much space or time anymore, which is absolutely great! Now the answer to a couple questions you were certainly hoping to find answers for:

Can you put both regular and pink cows in the Dairy Farm?


How to move the cows into the Dairy Farm?

Simply click the cow, select “Move” drag it over the farm and click.

How to remove cows from the Dairy Farm?

Click on the farm then select “Remove cows”

How many Dairy Farms can you have at one time?

The maximum number of farms is five, for now (space for 100 cows)

In order to purchase the Dairy Farm in FarmVille, you will need to have 8 friends added as neighbors (you can find more Farmville neighbors here!) and 10,000 coins available. If not, you can purchase it for 20 FarmVille cash, which is quite a lot having in mind that the friends option is available.

As you can see in the image below, the Dairy Farm looks simply amazing and is really useful – no more clicking randomly, trying to milk all the cows in the farm. I simply love it – don’t you? Let’s just hope that the upcoming buildings with purpose will be as great as this one!


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