mystery-boxesToday when I logged in to check my FarmVille farm I noticed that Zynga, the developers, have introduced a new goodie in play: a Mystery Box! What is this Mystery Box and what’s in it? Well, the official announcement said:

“These boxes are LOADED with exclusive items so EVERY box is a WINNER”

Sounds pretty nice, right? There’s a catch, though: FarmVille cash (FV) is needed to purchase one Mystery Box, which costs no less than 15 FV coins. Of course, this means that if you really wish to have an unique farm, you must own one of this, right?

Amongst the prizes that can be found in Mystery Boxes in FarmVille, we have:

– Red Bicycle
– Lounge Chair
– Fire Pit
– Tree swing
– Country Picnic Table
– Hot Tub
– Golden Gnome

From these items, the most interesting FarmVille additions seem to be the Hot Tub and Golden Gnome, but I am sure that there are other goodies inside the boxes, too. So please share in the comment section below all the unique items you got from the boxes!

What do you think about this latest addition to FarmVille? Nice or just a way for Zynga to try and milk some extra money from the players?

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  1. when i opened my christams tree present i got a Mystery Box. Inside the mystery box was a ginger bread house soooo cute !!!!
    but when i brought a mystery box for 16 FV but inside was a dancin snow man whitch was crap
    i wouldn’t recomend the mystery box as it is a mystery.

  2. i opened 5 mystery boxes…out of which i got

    2 – bed n brakfast….(awe some…bt i needed only 1..:P)
    2 – lakes (really awesome)
    1- acai tree…(…again …ofc…awesome)


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