crop-whispererFollowing my newest found addiction: playing FarmVille on Facebook, I decided to keep everybody updated with tips, tricks and hints regarding Zynga’s game. Now the latest addition is the Crop Whisperer ribbon which is awarded to people who fertilize 100 neighbor crops. But… how to fertilize the neighbors’ crops and earn the ribbon?

It’s pretty easy, as long as you have loads of luck. You have to do the following:

1. Visit one of your neighbors’ farm on FarmVille and help them scare away crows, gophers etc.

2. If you are lucky, you will get RANDOMLY picked by FarmVille and receive five bags of fertilizer. Note the fact that it’s all RANDOM and you might help 20 neighbors without getting the bags, or you could help one and get them.

3. You will know if you got the five bags of FarmVille fertilizer if a small white and blue bag appears at the bottom left side of the FarmVille window, having the “x5” sign near it.

4. If that appears, you can now use it on your neighbors’ crops to fertilize them. Simply click on their crops and you’ll fertilize them (the crops will sparkle once fertilized).

And that’s all you have to do! Good luck and let us all know when you manage to get the ribbon!

UPDATE: For a while now, Zynga has been really kind and all people who are visiting their neighbor’s farms are getting five bags of fertilizer, so the ribbon is much easier to get now! Happy farming!

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