farmville-flowersIt will certainly be a happy weekend over at our farms in FarmVille since developers Zynga are preparing to introduce even more goodies after the release of the Dairy Farms. I am talking about new harvestable crop – delightful and great looking crop, too: flowers!

Starting right now, you can purchase Daffodils, Tulips, Roses, Lavenders and Lillies from the Market and you have a screenshot of the flowers in the upper left corner, if you wish to check them all out. The flowers are rather expensive to plant, but I believe that the profits are really nice – so it appears at a first glimpse…

This addition, together with the introduction of more colored hay bales and topiaries mean that those who aren’t playing the FarmVille game for the “farming” part but rather for simple, plain fun, or having the best looking farm around, will finally have a chance to express their true feelings planting roses and tulips, lilies and lavenders (because personally I dislike daffodils).

However, with more and more options to choose from, FarmVille might become “too much” for some people. What do you say? Is the introduction of new items great and Zynga should keep it up or there’s a limit? Share your opinion in the comment section below!

UPDATE: I almost forgot! The introduction of flowers in FarmVille has resulted in the introduction of a new ribbon: Flower Power – the first level being relatively easy to achieve with only 30 flowers needed. Another welcomed addition, as I was kind of running low on ribbons.

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