farmville-wild-turkeyAgain, right before the weekend, we have an amazing day in FarmVille with Zynga adding loads of updates: a new lonely animal you can find on your farm – the Lonely Wild Turkey, plus the amazing release of the highly anticipated new farm size, the 22×22 Big Ole Plantation. Read on to find out all the exciting details about these new additions to the most popular Facebook game!

farmville-wild-turkey-inactionBut first things first – how do you get the Wild Turkey? I found it as a random event while taking care of my FarmVille farm and chose to help the adorable wild turkey (you can see the message in the image to the left). The wild turkey “adoption” works as with any other lost pet: your friends have to click on your profile and adopt the lonely Wild Turkey and place it on their farm. What can you harvest from the Wild Turkey? It it not known yet, since it has just been launched, but if you know, don’t hesitate to share with us! Also, I am sure that the new Wild Turkey will go perfectly hand in hand in our FarmVille farms with the Baby turkeys – just click on the image to see for yourself what a good pair they make!

new-farmville-sizeThe second of a series of great new additions is the release of the Big Ole Plantation, the new farm size (22×22) you can unlock and buy if you have 20 neighbors and 250,000 coins or 30 FV dollars. So if you don’t have enough Farmville neighbors, you might wish to check out this post.

And stay tuned with Unigamesity as new great news regarding additional FarmVille content launched today are incoming!

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