mushroom-massacreAs everybody keeps saying, one of the best things about PC gaming is Modding. And even if we’re not talking about completely altering the gameplay or the concept of a given game, we can still talk a lot about creating extra content. And extra content is the king, is what makes a great game better, that is what helps expand the fan base and a game’s notoriety. Combine these with an already great hit like Left 4 Dead and you’ll have some serious reasons to fasten your seat-belts because it’s a blast coming.

This is not the first time when I am talking about Left 4 Dead or about extra content created for Valve’s game. It will certainly not be the last time, but it’s a really special occasion. Why? Simply because today I found out about a mixture of L4D and Super Mario. Doesn’t that sound amazing and completely incredible?

Well… it’s true thanks to a modder who decided to create a map that brings zombies to the Mushroom Kingdom. And even though there is no infected Mario in sight, the map still manages to be awesomely cool.

Titled Mushroom Massacre, this Left 4 Dead map brings most of the elements into play (except for the mushrooms – unless they’re very well hidden) and gives a pretty believable answer to the question “what if Mario was a zombie?” The nice thing about this map is that it’s still in beta stage (which means that, in the end, all the bugs will be sorted out) and three more maps set in the world of Super Mario are coming. And you can suggest the next level, so head over to L4DMaps and work your magic!