left-4-dead-dedust2-mapWow! That’s all I can say after hearing that a modder and dedicated Left 4 Dead player has managed to port the fans favorite map from Counter Strike, Dust 2 (de_dust2) to Left 4 Dead. Even more, an Alpha version of another popular CS map, Aztec (de_aztec) has been released and will shortly reach gold status, being fully playable and completely bug free. Very cool!

The people who wish to try destroying zombies in a very familiar, Counter Strike-esque setting, should follow this link to download the Dust 2 map for L4D, and this link here to download the Aztec map.

At the moment of writing this, the Dust 2 ported map can only be played in Survival mode, but also a versus release is in the works. As you will see for yourself in the map screenshots (and while playing), the well known Counter Strike maps have been modified a little bit – expanded and improved, I would say – in order to fit better with the Left 4 Dead setting, but I am sure nobody will mind. Most likely, we have two legendary maps in front of us.

Kudos to Sin, the creator of the maps, and also Nana’s Paradox blog for spreading the word on the matter. Now start downloading and enjoy!