gta3Don’t you like the term “gadget of the decade”? Even more, don’t you wonder which might it be? Maybe one that gives you super-powers like those of Batman, maybe one that gets you drunk as hell, but you can still focus and play your favorite game? Maybe none of these!

Really, now, the “Gadget of the decade” might as well be Grand Theft Auto III or World of Warcraft – two of the three games considered for the award (for the curious ones who don’t care about clicking on this link to see the whole list, I must mention that the third game is SingStar). Who will decide it? You, of course!

According to IncGamers, this “Gadgets of the decade” competition kicked off last night in the UK on one top TV shows called, obviously, The Gadget Show. Although some might argue that computer and video games are not gadgets, since we’re all gamers we’ll let it slip. Epecially since the likes of Wikipedia and Flickr are competing against WoW and GTA III (or the iPod, the most likely winner…)

Either way, it’s nice to hear that computer games are not being forgotten and, winners or not, they still influence our daily lives. If you want to influence the results of this top yourself, follow the link above and cast your vote. And don’t forget to share with the other Unigamesity visitors what option did you go for.