team-fortress-2-charA new update was released by Valve today for Team Fortress 2, a major one we could say if we are to judge the number of changes, improvements and bug fixes. Amongst the most important ones we can notice an improved backpack (which can now hold 100 items and0 “knows” other cool stuff), changes to the regen times, plus many, many other things. Check out all the changes brought in by the Team Fortress 2 update below:

Additions / Changes

– Backpack improvement
– Added support for 100 slots in the backpack
– Backpack can now be sorted by type
– Multi-selection in the backpack is now done by holding down the Ctrl key
– Alt-fire on the Sandvich now drops sandviches
– A single sandvich can be dropped at a time. Dropping the sandvich removes it from the Heavy
– A Heavy can regain his sandvich by collecting a healthkit while already being at full health
– Eating a sandvich using the taunt method now heals a Heavy to full health
– Dropped sandviches heal 50% of the collector’s health
– Medic regen changes
– Base regen amount increased from 1/sec to 3/sec
– Regen amount increase since time of last damage decreased from 3x to 2x
– End result of above: Old healing scaled from 1/sec to 3/sec based on time since being damaged (maxed out at 10 seconds). New healing scales from 3/sec to 6/sec
– Blutsauger
– Replaced “No critical hits” negative attribute with “-2 health drained per second on wearer”
– Health drain stacks on top of the above Medic regen changes, lowering the base regen by 2h/sec
– Added “mp_windifference” server ConVar (default to 0)
– When set to X, matches will be considered won if a team gets X points ahead of the other team
– Added a “Remember the active weapon between lives” option to the Multiplayer->Advanced options dialog
– Added “Disable weather effects” option to the Multiplayer->Advanced options dialog
– Added “Show non-standard items on spectated player” option to the Multiplayer->Advanced options dialog
– If set (default), it’ll show non-standard items being carried by the player you’re spectating
– Tournament mode changes
– New item whitelist allowing tournaments to control what items can be used by players
– Added “item_whitelist_example.txt”
– Added “item_show_whitelistable_definitions” command to get a list of whitelistable items
– Added Tournament mode Spectator HUD
– Added “Use advanced spectator HUD in tournament mode” option to the Multiplayer->Advanced options dialog
– Shows all the members of your team (or both if you’re a spectator) at the top of the screen, along with class/health/respawn time/charge level
– Spectator indices are now shown on the team members, and hitting the corresponding weapon selection key (slot1-slot12 commands) will spectate them
– Changed idle player check to include spectators & players who haven’t chosen a team

Bug Fixes

– Fixed explosive radius detection using an axially aligned box instead of a sphere
– Compensated by increasing the radius of grenades, pipes, and rockets to 50% of what they lost at the corners of the OBB
– Grenades/Pipes radius change: 132->159
– Rocket radius change: 121->146
– End result of above: Explosives have had their radius reduced at some angles, and increased at others. Radius is now consistent, angles are now irrelevant
– Fixed Sniper using the reference pose if he has the Huntsman deployed when his team loses
– Fixed Spies speaking their response rules lines after killing a player as the class they were disguised as
– Fixed Medics getting MedicCallerPanels in their HUD for cloaked enemy Spies disguised as their team
– Fixed the Huntsman not firing crit arrows when the Sniper is being CritBoosted
– Fixed being able to fire the Huntsman under water if you jump into the water with the arrow charged
– Added check to prevent clients using the “firstperson” command to get out of thirdperson view while they’re phasing, taunting or control stunned
– Fixed Halo glow effect not being hidden for cloak/disguised enemy Spies
– Fixed wearables not destroying their attached particles when they’re removed
– Fixed several player & viewmodel simulation issues that occurred when the game was paused
– Fixed a DX8-based exploit that allowed modified particle effects to work under sv_pure 2