zumas-revenge-screenFans of the stone-frog, rejoice! PopCap is delivering one more amazing adventure in Zuma’s Revenge, the latest game in the series that made me smash exactly 3 computer mice before realizing that some casual games are not meant for the hardcore player. Either way, I am sure that the game will suit well with the fans and maybe even those who haven’t tried it already. You can do so by getting it straight Amazon for $19.95.

Zuma’s Revenge brings the player to an all-new setting, the Polynesian paradise ruled by Zhaka Mu, and ups the ante with nearly triple the screen resolution of the original game, cool 3-D particle effects, and support for widescreen monitors. Further, Zuma’s Revenge takes the relatively basic point-and-click input of the original Zuma up several notches, incorporating horizontal and vertical “sliding” as well as the ability to hop from one lily pad to another to achieve greater flexibility and hit hard-to-reach areas of the screen. All-new tiki boss enemies provide a climactic ending to each major stage of the game and introduce various new forms of attack and defense that must be used to succeed in the game. In other games, it’s evolution of a game and not simply a new rip-off!

Amongst the features that will delight you in Zuma’s Revenge, I mention:

– More than 60 all-new levels in the Adventure mode alone
– Three all-new power-up effects: Lightning, Laser, and Tri-Shot (plus all the power-ups from the original Zuma)
– 70 all-new Challenges in the Jungle of Mystery, Quiet Village, Lost City and Mosquito Coast – featuring new bonus multiplier effects in a beat-the-clock format.
– Run the Iron Frog gauntlet featuring an additional 10 all-new levels that must be conquered consecutively

So if you’re interested in giving the game a try, head over to Amazon and buy Zuma’s Revenge right away!