nvidia-geforce-logoKeeping the graphic card driver updated on our computer is very important (but usually forgotten) since it can boost the performance of our beloved computer games. And now would be a great time to update your drivers if you have an Nvidia GeForce graphic card, since the company has just released a new drivers update, 191.07.

The 191.07 version of the drivers comes for XP, Vista and Windows 7 users and can be considered as a very important performance booster and goodie bringer: according to Nvidia, after upgrading your drivers, you will notice some performance improvements in your games, including a 12% performance upgrade if you play ArmA II or 8% performance increase in Batman: Arkham Asylum. Also, titles like Aion, Dreamkiller and others now have full SLI support.

Here is the full list of new features of the 191.07 GeForce drivers:

– Adds support for OpenGL 3.2 for GeForce 8, 9, 100, and 200-series GPUs and ION GPUs.
– Accelerates performance in several gaming applications. The following are examples of improvements measured with version 191.07 drivers vs. version 190.62 drivers (results will vary depending on your GPU, system configuration, and game settings):

* Up to 12% performance increase in ARMA 2
* Up to 8% performance increase in Batman: Arkham Asylum with GPU PhysX enabled
* Up to 50% performance increase in Call of Juarez: Blood in Bound with SLI enabled
* Up to 14% performance increase in Fallout 3 (indoor scenes) with antialiasing enabled
* Up to 10% performance increase in Far Cry 2 (DX9 version) with antialiasing enabled
* Up to 34% performance increase in Prototype with antialiasing enabled

– Adds SLI support for Aion, Darkfall, Dawn of Magic 2: Time of Shadows, Dreamkiller, Fuel, Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim, Need for Speed: Shift and more.
– Includes numerous bug fixes, including the following key fix (additional bug fixes can be found in the release notes on the documentation tab): For graphics cards supporting multiple clock states, 3D clocks correctly return to 2D clocks after exiting a 3D application.

Now just head over to the Nvidia official website and download the updated drivers for a better gaming experience!