sawWe’ve got a never ending horror movie series coming regularly to a theater near us (and probably soon enough, straight to DVD) – Saw – and yet no developed game, which is outrageous. Konami plans to right the wrongs and bring us a Saw game – rumors say that the game will be released alongside the sixth film in the series, this fall.

Konami did not officially confirm the news, but Variety says that the publishers agreed a licensing deal with Lionsgate and the title will even feature the voice of Tobin Bell, the actor who plays Jigsaw. Unfortunately, the developers of this rumored Saw game appear to be Zombie Studios, the same who delivered Shadow Ops: Red Mercury, Ecks vs. Sever and Super Bubble Pop. But a blockbuster game could come from anywhere, right?

Indeed, it was scheduled to come from Brash Entertainment, but since the studio no longer exists, we’ll have to take what we’re being offered. And as long as the upcoming Saw game will deliver at least half of the fun of the first movie in the series, we might be up for something good. We’ll see for ourselves when (or if – since it’s not yet official) the game gets released on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.