Initially created to provide licensed video games (strangely considered as the safest way to sell games), development studio Brash Entertainment will be closed starting tomorrow because of poor game releases. The news has not been yet confirmed officially by Variety claims to have strong inside sources confirming the closure.

There were signs of friction ever since Legendary Pictures CEO Thomas Tull departed Brash Entertainment last month, together with other highly placed board members. Tull was the co-founder of the development studio and part of the reasons why the company was backed up with a $400 million investment.

However, money does not always mean high quality products, as the two games released by the company since 2007 unfortunately proved: Alvin and the Chipmunks video game is a game nobody has ever played, while Jumper: Griffin’s Story is a game everybody regrets playing (a Metacritic average of 30% says it all).

So, all in all, it appears that gamers won’t lose a high profile studio, even though the people working there might not be happy at all with the closure. And the company was also working already on games like Saw and Night at the Museum – which will probably never see daylight anymore.