A new action game for the Nintendo Wii has just been announced by Yuke’s and High Voltage: Evasive Space, a WiiWare space travel to save the stars. The game promises to be of a highly casual nature and I assume that, if any aliens are involved in this game, they will look like cute little puppies you’ll feel like drinking a soda with rather than shooting their ships.

Anyway, Evasive Space puts you in the shoes of the captain of spaceship Konki – a ship you’ll have to pilot throughout 20 stages with one goal in mind: saving the stars. Quick reflexes will be needed, though, since all sorts of hazards will get in the way, from enemy fire to asteroids and black holes. There are no mentions of hadron machinery, though…

“This is our first game published by Yuke’s Company of America, and we’re looking forward to kicking off our relationship with the success of Evasive Space,” states Kerry J. Ganofsky, CEO of High Voltage Software. “We’ve had great experiences developing and distributing games through WiiWare, and we hope that our newfound cooperation with Yuske’s will deliver some great new games and generate positive results for both of our companies as we take advantage of new digital distribution opportunities.”

Evasive Space will be available for purchase starting January for a price of 1,000 Wii Points.