Permadeath, horror, comedy, survival seems like a rather odd combination for a game. Yet, something tells me that it is a recipe for excellence. Taking the permadeath from rogue-likes, and adding a horror survival theme; then throwing in a dash of comedy, can only end well.

The games publisher, Rocketcat Games, are primarily known for their Iphone games. However, they have branched out into the PC platform, presumably as there is a larger audience who are willing to pay for games.

So, Death Road To Canada. A game based entirely about a roadtrip from Florida to Canada in a post apocalyptic world, it’s original, I’ll give them that. According to the kickstarter, literally everything within this game will be unique. Levels will all be procedurally generated, and therefore you will never face the same level twice in a row. You will also find yourself among a rather mottly crew of five players, each of you with an odd deformity or difference. You may find yourself in a party with five seemingly sane humans on one playthrough; but on the next, you may find yourself among a group consisting of a dog, some humans, and a bloke dressed as a horse. It doesn’t stop there, however, there is also a ‘rare’ chance that one of your team members will spawn as a ‘unique’ character – which are designed by the backers who donate the most – and these characters trigger unique character specific events.

On top of this sea of uniqueness, each game will also contain various events which you and your peers must handle accordingly. You must make the decision amongst yourselves as to how you wish to handle these events, and some of them are very odd to say the least. A prime example being an event which can bring your dead party members back to life as dogs, and also teaches these dogs how to drive cars. Sounds like a Road To Insanity rather than a Road To Canada.

The best summary I could find of the game, which I found on their Kickstarter page:

Find a dog, teach it to drive. Have all the humans in your party die. Make the dog recruit other dogs until your band of survivors consists of 5 dogs driving a muscle car.

The backing for Death Road To Canada ends on September 29th, and the Kickstarter can be found here.