jewelry-escapeEscapegames has just launched today a short and fun escape the room game, Jewelry Escape, with hidden object elements. If you have trouble finding the gems in Jewelry Escape, I have created a walkthrough, a step by step guide with all the jewel locations to help you finish the game (and save your eyes). Read on to find all the gem locations in Jewelry Escape in this quick Jewelry Escape walkthrough!

1. Click on the lower base of the mirror – there is a red stone near the green closet.
2. Go to room to the right and click on the flower. Under its leaf, there is a blue stone.
3. The same room, the lower drawer to the left of the chair – click it and see a smiley face. Pick up the stone to the right.
4. Same room. Click just below the painting. A red gem is hidden on the painting, to the right of the tree.
5. Same room. Click to the lower right of the chair and pick up the white jewel under the desk.
6. Room to the right. Click on the flower in the corner. A yellow jewel is hidden behind the cabinet.
7. Room to the right. Click on the night switch near the bed. There is a small light blue jewel near the screw (to the left of the screen)
8. Same room. Click on the night stand – there is another jewel on the handle.
9. Room to the right – there is a green gem under the table.
10. Same room. Click on the painting to the right, one yellow jewel is well hidden at the top of the mountain.
11. Go right twice and click once more on the drawer where the smiling face was. Place all gems in the corresponding spot and you’re free to go!

Not really an amazing Escape the room game, Jewelry Escape is challenging because of the hidden objects. This step by step guide has all the jewel locations, and I am sure it will help you finish the game. Remember to check back for more walkthroughs!