scene1Funny Prom Night is a pretty funny point and click game where you have to do all sorts of pranks, but the time is limited. I have created this step by step guide to teach you how to finish all the funny pranks in time in this free flash game. So read on the Funny Prom Night walkthrough to find out how to beat the game as soon as possible:

Scene 1
1. Click on the dollar in the purse, click on the dollar again in your inventory and click on the stairs.
2. After the policeman gets in, click on the sewer.

Scene 2
1. Click on the girl’s purse, then click on the dude. Click on the stairs.
2. Click on the blue thing near the curtain then click on it in the inventory. Click on the stair pillars then click on the guy with the camera, after the couple falls.

Scene 3
1. Click on the jar on the shelf, then click on the lemons and the pint of beer the waiter is carrying. Click again all these items in the inventory.
2. Click on the towel, then click it again in the inventory.

Scene 4
Click on the bottle of olive oil in the purse on the right of the screen. Click it in the inventory and use it on the dancefloor. Click on the microphone. Click on the trumpet, the drums and the guitar.

Scene 5
Click on the beer and the bottle one of the audience is carrying. Select them both in the inventory and use the result with the Curtain rope. When the time comes (when both winners are under it), click the pink sticky thing and that’s it!

Funny Prom Night is certainly not funny for those in there, but it’s funny for us, the gamers. I do hope that this walkthrough helped a lot!