another-bathroom-escapeI have created a step by step walkthrough for Another Bathroom Escape, a great Escape the room game from Cafe Cafe Games. This guide is for everybody who wants to know how to beat Another Bathroom Escape and finds it difficult to do the math problems (or more). Read on for the step by step Another Bathroom Escape walkthrough below:

1. Near the bath you can see the ending of a shovel. Click it to get it. On the sink, to the left, is a big bar of soap. Click to get it.
2. Click on the water faucet to fill the sink with water. Put the soap in the water (drag and drop it there).
3. Drag and drop the soap on the reservoir of the toilet. Get the key.
4. Go to the right. Click on the plant and use the shovel with it. Click on the opening to get scissors.
5. Go to the left. Drag and drop the key to the cupboard and pick up box. Use scissors on box and click on the paper.
6. The numbers behind the question marks are 1, 135 and 3, therefore the “code” would be 11353.
7. Go one screen to the right and click on the picture. Enter the code (11353) and press ok. Get the red thing and use it with the door to escape.

This was the walkthrough for Another Bathroom Escape, a game that can’t be compared, though, with the great Escape the Bathroom. But still a nice play!