escape-the-bathroomThe fourth title in the “An Escape Series” created by Shawn Tanner is Escape the Bathroom, a fast and interesting game I’m preparing a full walkthrough for right now. So if got stuck somewhere or you simply want to complete the game in a few minutes, the Escape the Bathroom walkthrough here will tell you how!

Full Escape the Bathroom guide:

1. Move one screen to the right and click on the third blue tile from the left. Pick up wrench.
1. Click on the drawer and pick up baking soda.
2. Go one screen back and pick up the plunger near the toilet.
3. Click the toilet, click the plunger and click the toilet seat.
4. Click on the toilet reservoir and use the plunger’s head on the flush valve.
5. Go back one screen and click on the yellow line to the right of the toilet. Use the wrench to turn it on.
6. Go back one screen, click the toilet reservoir and the flush button. The reservoir fills up again.
7. Go back one screen and click on the toilet seat. Pick up the key.
8. Go back and click on the mirror. Use the wood stick with mirror and pick up the mirror shard. Then use the key on the lock and open it. Pick up the toothbrush and the razor.
9. Go back, and click on the sink. Turn it on and press the red button then take the baking soda and use it with the water, the use the toothbrush with the water.
10. Go back and left twice. Go up and use the stick with the square in the upper left corner. Take the hair drier.
11. Go back and use razor with the scribblings on the wall. Use mirror with the numbers and go back.
12. Click the blue energy cell and use toothbrush with it. Use hair drier on it then connect the two cables.
13. Go back and one screen to the right. Click on the gadget near the bath and type the code on the wall (45801) and press enter. Use wrench on the yellow button then go back.
14. Click the bath and turn the water on then use hairdryer with water.
15. Go left twice, then click on the door. You escaped!

Any problems with the Escape the Bathroom walkthrough? Let us know in the comments below!