We are continuing today the Super Karohi Walkthrough with the last 20 levels. In order to read the walkthrough for the first 40 levels, go here. You can also read a short overview of Super Karoshi on Unigamesity. Now let’s see the rest of the walkthrough for Super Karoshi!

Level 41: Get the “S” and fly up to touch the blue gem after the salaryman touches it then quickly touch the bottom gem. Then get the green crystals, jump on the bouncing platform and stand near the box with an exclamation mark.
Level 42: Get the “S” and fly up to touch the blue gem then go down near the box with an exclamation mark and touch it when the salaryman is near it. Get the green crystals and meet the spikes.
Level 43: Click the button on the bottom right (the karoshigame.com one)
Level 44: Go get the S by avoiding the spikes. Then touch all the blue gems, get the green crystal and jump on the spikes.
Level 45: “Uh… what does this button do?” Press it!
Level 46: Get the “S” and fly up to touch the button on top of the screen. Fly into the flames.
Level 47: Move under the iron weight then move the cursor over the torch until it catches fire. Then move the cursor and burn the rope holding the weight.
Level 48: Keep the right key pressed.
Level 49: Click the words “teh end” and then press right.
Level 50: It’s all invisible here so it’s a bit tricky. Go right and jump over an invisible platform and keep walking right until you press a button. Walk back left to the middle of the screen and jump left on a platform. From there, jump right to a bouncing platform and go right to the plant into a teleporter.
Level 51: Be careful here since if you pass the dotted line you can’t jump anymore. So get over the small platforms onto the right side of the elevator and drop down when it is above the spikes.
Level 52: Follow the upside-down salarymen.
Level 53: Jump over the teleporter and walk over the button, then enter the teleporter from the right then guide Karoshi onto the top platform and meet the axe.
Level 54: Press the spacebar and get ready to jump into the rocket.
Level 55: Walk under the lock and press the “Caps Lock” button on your keyboard.
Level 56: Restart the level by pressing “R” on your keyboard. Use the new bouncing platform and go to the spikes.
Level 57: Enjoy the view!
Level 58: Press the “Esc” key on your keyboard 14 times.
Level 59: Keep going right.
Level 60: Press “Caps lock” again

Congratulations! You have completed Super Karoshi!