Japan Adventure is a really cool, challenging and really well done escape the room game. Of course, the challenging part also means that you’ll most likely get stuck while trying to beat the game. Fortunately, I managed to find a walkthrough for you, the solution for the game nicely written in a step by step guide that will solve all your problems. So check out the Japan Adventure walkthrough below and enjoy! Please note that the puzzle solutions are at the bottom of this guide!

Turn right and pick up the bucket (pail).
Turn right twice and take the rope from under the table and the bonsai plant.
Turn right and take the bow.
Turn right twice and take the knife from the table.
Turn right three times and move forward – outside.
Use knife on bamboo to get bamboo.
Take the stony disk from the right side of the stone globe.
Go down and back inside.
Turn left twice and move forward – outside.
Combine rope and bow.
Use rope+bow to get the wooden disk from the other side of the water (by the right pillar).
Put the wooden disk and the stony disk in the water to be able to cross to the other side.

Click on the other side of the water (you get a zoomed view of the disks), then on top of the screen to step ashore.
Turn right and take a bucket (pail) next to the left pillar.
Zoom on the table and take the yellow vase.
Click down two times and turn right.
Take the rake and go down two times to face the water.
Take a scroll from the white pillar on the right side.
Combine the two buckets with the bamboo to get a yoke.

Click on the other side of the water.
When zoomed on the disks, fill the yoke with water.
Click on top of the screen to face the house.
Take the sheath from the left side of the trail.
Move inside the house.
Turn right and place the vase under the middle scroll.
Place your scroll on the empty place to the right of the other scrolls.
Click on the scrolls to change the signs on them.
When you make them: one sign on the left scroll, two on the middle and three on the right scroll you get a tuba.
Take a look at the signs on the scrolls.

Turn right and go outside.
Click down to turn around.
Use the rake on the roof to get keys.
Move inside the house.
Turn right three times.
Use the keys on the door.
Move outside and take the stone from the left side of the left white pillar.
Zoom on the well in front of you.
Use the yoke+water in the well to get a haft.
Click down twice to get back inside.

Turn right twice and move outside and to the other side of the water.
Turn left to the sand and click in the sand to zoom on a 6×4 grid with stones.
Place your stone and your bonsai in the sand.
You can now click on the stones and the bonsai one at a time to make them red, and if you click on another spot the red one will move there.
Make the correct pattern to get a blade (thanks @acvcnos3!). Solution below.

Combine tsuba + haft + blade + sheath to get a complete katana.
Go down twice and move right and zoom on the table.
Place the katana on the rack to escape!

Stone Pattern Solution
Write the word katana with the kanji sign.
This is the same sign that you can see on all of the three scrolls.
The pattern look like this (X=stones or bonsai):

Cheers to Ellie at EG24 who allowed us to use her walkthrough here!