The sequel to the amazing There Is No Door Escape, There Is No Door Escape 2 is even better and more challenging, so it should be no surprise if you get stuck anywhere during the game. I have managed to find a walkthrough for this escape the room title, a step by step guide created by a team effort and nicely written by KitKatFox on EG24. Cheers for the help, it was really needed. Now check out the There Is No Door Escape 2 walkthrough:

Note the lovely sink that has no piping
Zoom in on the coat rack to the right of the sink
Get the blue circle sticking up from behind it
Turn right
Get the stethoscope from the bottom left corner of the room
Zoom in on the freezer thing
Click the lid and see places for a circle, star, and square
Back up 2 times
Click behind the freezer (click over the lid)
Get the blue square
Go right
Get the chain from the floor in the bottom left corner
Click on the trashcan top to look inside — get the watering can
Back up
Click the corner over the trashcan to look behind it — get the nail puller from under it
Go right
Zoom in on the plants — get the blue star
Back up
Zoom on the front of the box the plants are on
Use the nail puller on the 4 corner nails
Get the chainsaw
Add the chain to it
Turn right
Zoom inside the sink
Use the watering can on the faucet spout (you will see sparkles, which tells you it is full)
Go right to the freezer
Zoom inside and place the shapes
Use the full watering can to fill one
Go left and refill it. Now fill a second shape. Repeat for the third.
I wonder if that is a very small watering can or very large shapes?
Once all are filled, get the marker from the hole
Combine the marker with the stethoscope
Turn 2 times to the plants (don’t zoom in)
On the right wall, there are boards that are darker than the others
Click on them to zoom in on the wall
Drag the marker/stethoscope to the bottom left corner of the wall to make some dashed lines
Keep dragging the combined item to the dashes to mark more until you have a complete arch
Now use the repaired chainsaw to cut the dashes and make a door
Click out to escape!