Fort Escape is a new escape the room game from 123Bee, one of our favorite developers. As always with their titles, Fort Escape is not a really difficult game, but it can get confusing at times and that’s why I’m offering you a walkthrough for the game, a step by step guide that will help you beat the game as fast as possible. Check it out below and have fun!

– Take the glass piece from behind the puzzle chest.
– Take the glass piece from behind the wooden box.
– Take the glass piece from the wooden chest and take the rope there.
– On the second screen, take glass piece from behind left pillar and take glass piece from behind the right pillar.
– On that screen also take the left axe.
– Put all 5 glass pieces in the right places in the puzzle chest.
– Click the top of the lantern that comes out that chest, to let it come out more.
– Click the top again to remove it and take the ring.
– Use the axe on the wooden box and take the mirror.
– Use the ring on the mouth of the head in front and take the treasure box.
– On the second screen, put the rope on the trapdoor.
– Click the end of the rope to put it on the wheel.
– Click the wheel 2x to open the trapdoor.
– Go down and place the mirror in the light and click it to turn it to open the panel.
– Zoom in on the wine and take the gray / brown key.
– Use the key to open the treasure box.
– Take the green key.
– Zoom in on the door in the right corner.
– Use the green key on the keyhole and click the wheel. You’re out

Tons of Kudos go to small-tool over at EG24 for creating this amazing walkthrough!