With a title like “How to Escape the Stupid Room“, this escape the room flash game doesn’t seem like one you should play, but it’s just an illusion – the game is actually a pretty fun and funny one and if you’re having any difficulties completing it, I have for you a step by step guide, a walkthrough for How to Escape the Stupid Room. Check it out below!

– Turn right.
– Click to the right of the pink creature to get a remote.
– Open the remote from inventory and take a pink key from it.
– Turn right.
– Click under the couch for a with a bus (it has a clue but unless you read japanese you won’t need it).
– Click in the lower left corner of the mirror for another clue.
– Use the key to open the top drawer and get a tape.
– Turn right twice.
– Use the tape in the video recorder and click on the TV.
– Watch the video, turn left and use the clues from the video to open the locker on the wall. Solution below.
– Click on the brown text after inserting the code and get a bottle.
– Give the bottle to the pink creature as in the mirror clue to get a key from his right hand.
– Turn left or right twice.
– Use the key on the door to escape!

Solution to wall code
Look at the text on the video. Use the colors to pick numbers from the wall poster.
Colors on video: blue, green, pink.
Numbers from poster: 8, 4, 3
Code: 843

Lots of thanks goes to Ellie who allowed us to re-post her walkthrough!