Obama Pigsaw Revenge is a really funny escape the room game, but it’s also quite challenging and difficult so you’ve most likely got stuck (maybe with the bar scene?). Either way, I’ve found the complete, step by step solution for the game and I’m going to share it with you in this Obama Pigsaw Revenge walkthrough that will help you beat the game and see how the entire story ends. Have fun!

Full Obama Pigsaw Revenge guide:

Time Traveling Episode:
– Open the closet and tell Obama well any of the 3 choices.
– Tell Pigsaw what does he want and go right.
– Take the controller and book. Look at the poster on the wall with the fingers pointing left and right. Use controller to control the puppet. Make it go outside the room.
– Go outside and control the puppet to step on the red tile. Click the controller and click Finish. Go inside the room you just unlocked.
– Read the book and go to page 2 (the title page isn’t page 1). Read the information written on that page. Close the book and control the Pigsaw puppet NEAR the lever. Stop controlling it and step on the X (you’re playing as Obama this time).
– Control Pigsaw again to pull the lever. After that, stop controlling it then make it talk. Go outside the room, go right destroy the brick wall. You’ll have to do all those within 10 seconds.
– Open the safe according to the wall poster. Go right and talk to the scientist. Tell him that you need to travel in time to rescue your family.

Rescuing Sasha Episode:
– Put on the costume and talk to the bird. Tell it “My son! I found you at last!” then go inside the house and give Fred the bird.
– Go outside and take the triangle stone near the house. Go to the wild west and take shovel and pick axe from the wheelbarrow. Go back to the Jurassic Age and go right.
– Put the stone NEAR the ground, then put shovel on the stone then put bowling ball on the shovel and click the other side of the shovel.
– Go right and go back to the Oval Office. Open closet and say anything so he could just open the closet. Take pillow and go back to the Jurassic Age. Put pillow under the branch.

Rescuing Michelle Episode:
– Go to right and take the piece of paper behind the gun shop.
– Go right and go to the forgotten mine. Look at the piece of paper and you will see where the gold is hidden, somewhere in the middle-right part of the mine and it’s between the two rocks on the right side of the mine.
– Go outside and go left and go into Smith and Wesson’s gun shop. Give them the gold and take the gun. Go outside then go left.
– Go inside the bar and SHOOT THE ROPE OF THE CHANDELIER QUICK, then go back to the Wild West and take banana and tequila (the red bottle).

Rescuing Malian and ending:
– Go to the future and talk to Yoda. Ask him why is he upset and ask him for a lightsaber. Go left twice.
– Talk to Bender three times and ask him if he wants Tequila. Take the Rubik Cube and go left twice. Give Yoda the cube.
– Go left and talk to Jabba (the big green slimeball) and you can’t understand a word he says. Go left and ask C3PO if he can speak Hutt and ask him if he can help you talk to Jabba.
– Go left and talk to Jabba. Skip all the nonsense dialog and C3PO will say that Jabba’s baby is missing and he is somewhere in the past.
– Go back to the Jurassic Age and go left and take Baby Jabba beside the house. Go back to the future and give Jabba his baby. Go right and take the ship. There are some Huttese letters on the wall. Look at the piece of paper given to you by C3PO. When it is L, it means left and if R, it means right.
– Use the R2D2 remote to control Artoo. Go to the lock and move the lock according to what’s written on the wall. Finish controlling him and eat the banana and go right.
– Go right and take his suit. Equip the suit and go right. Tell them that you’re gonna give ’em a nice cup of coffee. Take of the suit and go right.
– Now you’re gonna battle Dark Vader.You’re on your own on that one, but you’re close to the ending. Have fun!

Tons of Kudos goes to hot_shot for this great walkthrough!